Meet The /// CD Vibes /// Duo:

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Hey guys! My name is Devin. Growing up, music has been a huge part of my life. I remember riding in the car with my parents to their softball games and singing so loud and making my parents laugh so hard. I love music. I love everything from discovering new bands, going to concerts, meeting people through their love of music, as well as just singing awesome songs that I have discovered at the top of my lungs while laying in bed. A few of my favorite bands include The Maine, The 1975, X Ambassadors, and Shawn Mendes. Music is such a wonderful thing. I’ve always wanted to have a blog that was dedicated to such a wonderful thing.  I hope that I am able to create content that you enjoy, that you discover new music and artists that you have never heard of, and that you fall even more in love with music like I’m sure I/we will!

P.S. 8123 means everything to me.



Hey everyone, Carolyn here! I am SO excited about starting my first ever blog with one of my closest friends! Music is such a huge part of my life and has always has been. To finally be able to bring it to a blog is awesome! It is crazy how music can bring back so many memories and give so many different emotions from being happy and putting you in a better mood to just calming your nerves. Some of my favorite artists/bands include The 1975, The Maine, LANY,Lana Del Rey, and The Chainsmokers. I absolutely love discovering new music & artists, going to concerts, listening to vinyls/music in general, and also having the opportunity to meet people who have such a passion for music like I do. I/we can’t wait to post more on here and hope that you all love it!

8123 is absolutely everything!