Album Review: Lovely Little Lonely by The Maine

On April 7, 2017, the amazingly talented guys in a band called The Maine released their new album titled “Lovely Little Lonely.” This is their 6th album that they have released and it’s the 6th album that did not disappoint.

I thought I would go through each song and give you my thoughts on them!

Don’t Come Down

When I first heard the album and this song first came on, my first thought was YESSS! This is such a perfect song to start off the album. The beginning opens up with just a guitar playing, and it hooks you. It’s one of those songs where you want to roll the windows down in your car on a warm summer night screaming all the words to the song with your closest friends! It’s the perfect summertime jam!

Bad Behavior

This was the first single they dropped before the release of the album. I’m not sure if I was just overly excited about the release of new music from my all time favorite band, or if I just really loved the song so much, but I literally cried when and I first heard it and then cried some more for a good hour with this song on repeat. It’s one of the most upbeat songs on this album. And you’ve gotta love the “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” in the song too haha. This song definitely has one of the best chorus’ on the album.


Now even though this track does not have any lyrics and is just a preview that goes into the start of Black Butterflies, I’m in love with it. I’m not sure what it is about it that I love so much, I just do! I’m pretty sure I could leave this track on repeat for hours and be perfectly content. It’s very calm and reminds me of the ocean.

Black Butterflies and Deja Vu

This was the second track that the guys released and as soon as I heard it for the first time, I was in love! I love how the song before this one, Lovely, flows so perfectly into this song. The chorus is so catchy and makes you want to scream the lyrics as the top of your lungs. I really enjoy the fact that the verses in the song are faster than the chorus. This is definitely one of my top favorite songs on this album and probably one of my top favorite songs ever by them.


This song makes you realize just how amazing The Maine really is. Like, really. It’s such a great song! This song has such a great vibe to it and the guitar solos really tie the song together!

Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23)

This song is one of the more energetic songs on the album. It’s another one that has a really catchy chorus. This is one of the songs that would be a perfect car ride song with your friends so you could sing the lyrics super loud and dance like a crazy person haha. Like right now as I’m typing this and listening to the song, I’m bobbing my head because it’s so catchy!


This is another song that fades into the next song. This one is a little more upbeat than Lovely, but still really good.

The Sound of Reverie

There are a lot of people out there who say this is their least favorite song on the album or one of their least favorites. I personally really like this song a lot, especially the pre-chours! I think this is a song that can make you think about how short life is and that things can really change in the blink of an eye.

Lost in Nostalgia

This song has been compared to The 1975 by multiple people. However, I don’t see it at all. This is my least favorite song on the album. I’m not saying that it’s bad, because it’s definitely not, but it’s not one that I would go out of my way to play. I’d only really let it play if I was just listening through the whole album. The vocals on this album sound really haunting, which fits well with the title.

I Only Wanna Talk to You

I feel like this song would be the perfect theme song to a TV series like The OC or One Tree Hill. I’m not sure why I get those kind of vibes from it, but I do! I really like how the chorus is sang with only guitar in the background. I do however think that this is also one of my least favorite songs on the album, just because of the repetitiveness of the song. I think it’s just a little too much repeating for me.


This song is so full of emotion. It’s such a sad and heartbreaking song. But even though it’s sad, I love it. This song is definitely the definition of “Lonely” so the name of it fits it perfectly!

How Do You Feel?

I think that this song is the perfect ending for this song. It’s like it’s asking you how you feel after listening to the emotional rollercoaster the rest of the album just put you through. When you get to the end of the song, you’re like OKAY I WANNA LISTEN AGAIN! Haha.

Overall I really like this album a lot and I am so happy for all that these guys have accomplished in 10 years. I really look forward to listening to more and more of their music in the future.

What did you think of the album? What are your favorite tracks? Leave a comment below and let us know!



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