Who Did It Better? [2] – Cover VS Original

Alright guys, it’s time for round 2 of Who Did It Better!

This round we have something really excited. I think it’s one of my favorite songs done by two completely different artists. I am a fan of both songs, but there’s one that just makes me start feeling all of those feels and after listening, you’ll know exactly which one I am talking about!

So let’s get this battle started!


Yes, it’s a little bit of a throwback and I know a lot of you probably don’t even like One Direction. However, they are one of my guilty pleasures haha. Even now when this song comes on the radio, I can’t help but turn it up and sing it as loud as I can. #sorrynotsorry


By now, you should know that The 1975 is one of my two favorite bands of all time. And when I saw that they did a cover of this song, I was a little iffy about it, not going to lie. But after listening to it… OH MY GOSH. They made a fun, dance in the car song into this beautiful masterpiece. If you don’t start feeling all the feels when you listen to this, there is something seriously wrong with you. (Okay, not really.. but how can you not love this cover?!)


The clear winner here is The 1975. Duh. (:

What are your thoughts of this battle? Leave a comment below and let us know!



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