Don’t you understand you won’t be alone again.

“I can’t say that I can make you feel comfortable or free from your worry but believe me when I tell you, you will never be lonely. Don’t you understand you won’t be alone again.”

Yesterday my favorite band, The Maine, posted this short video on YouTube. As soon as it was posted, there was so much hype about it all over social media. These guys mean so much to so many people so when they post something like this, especially when there is a new album coming out sometime in the near future, people are going to go nuts.

There are many theories about what this video actually means. Is it a new single coming out? Is it about the whole album? Does is have something to do with 8123 Fest that is happening this weekend? No one really knows, but I hope we find out soon!

If you are a fan of The Maine, or even if you aren’t, what do you think about this video? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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